Fabricated Love

I was full of piled baggage
My heart was dark and cold
You burnt down my garbage
The fire lit up and warm my heart

You carried my ragged soul
And sewed it gently with love
The soothing balm you placed on my heart
Fabricated the long lost gentle man.

Special one

One who entertains me
Who excites my passion
To the brim of potential
Who burns my barriers down
One with whom i can feel at home
I am looking for that special one.

Poetry: In the Dark

Image credit: Daniel jensen/Unsplash

Sometimes i search in the dark
The thing that was lost long ago
yet the thing i never find
since i was searching in the wrong place
yet, it is difficult to solace the mind
which like to shot the arrow in the dark
often torturing self in the disguise
Casting away from own paradise.

Little more

I am sick of trying,
To live a distasteful life
Filled with repetition and mundanity
Did i commit sin for asking more
Perhaps a little bit of juice,
A flow of adrenaline after long slouch
I am uncommitted to life,
Is the wrong way to interpret
As i know it should be little more,
A fun filled journey amid the pool of sorrow.

An Urge

Scarring body may be healed
Scarred mind remains forever
As long as you will allow
The sharpened end of memory
An urge to tickle enough
To free you from the boredom
Yes, humans are crazy
If they are left alone.


You were destined to rule
Born out of universe
Elements selectively chosen
From the selected asteroids
Yet, you dare to challenge the Lord
Your laments of being weaker
How on earth are you not perfect
You are single copy available
Not possible of duplication
You will sound like the work of fiction
Embrace your uniqueness
And you will be free
From the deep agony
Daunted by the confusion
It has been a long sleep
Wake up from your dream.

I have ”The dream”

I have the dream
That frightens me
Scares the society
Out of the reality
Yet, it is beautiful
It gives me kicking boost
Rushes like adrenaline
Making me maniac ghost
Leaped out of phantom zone
To the realm of frequency
Seduce them, impregnate them
With ideas that scares me
Now we have the dream
And, we are the society.

Faded Smile

The smile is slowly fading
From the blood filled face
The hues of redness has paled
Signs of deoxygenating cells
Turning to different shades of blue
The color that he has accepted now
The color of universality
Now the smile will return to him.

Rush Hour

This is the rush hour
Step beside, let me go first
Or, I may induce an accidental bump
On your plump skull
Err, the gush of bio juice
Running like the river Nile
Drooling through your nasal cave
Wetting down your deserted soul.


I was in pain so much
I accepted it as reality
It became an addiction
Out of the jurisdiction
I had addiction of nicotine
Rushing my adrenaline
Every now and then
I need some fresh batch of it
To feel my blood pumping
Feel my working brain
I was addicted with many more
That was betraying my fame
I was extra player
In my own game
Then I was given new choice
With new addiction
Addiction of life
That finally changed my name
I feel alive and lively again
This new addiction has surpassed all to shame.

Brown fuzzy syrup

A cup of brown fuzzy syrup
To activate mitochondrial ATP
Generating enough power
To run through the day
Cells are ready to jump
For the rollercoaster ride
A little bit of squish
Running through the narrow hole
Drink up more boy, the brain cell demands
Shut up, you are spiking me high
Insulin retorts in silence
Warns me of diabetic remand.


You have strangled, every living soul
Their soft gossip, has become unbearable noise
Their innocent queries, their innocent smile
Feels like an lightening bolt to your skull

Charge, charge spare nobody
Sew down their lips
Cuff down their hands behind
So, I may rest my disturbing mind.

You want the fake praise
Slicing down every rebellion neck
Whom will you rule?
All are now dead.


When do you get peace?
At the deathbed
You have hesitated to live,
Now you are afraid to die
Strangling your own throat,
You are blaming the world
You have murdered yourself,
In the name of the world
Search now, before it’s late,
Before the steps will get erased
By the windy influx of sand
Before the path gets crossed.


With constant falling
Baby learns to walk
Never being afraid of the fall
Or, the being will crawl till the death
With soothing warmth
The sun rises
Slowly the intensity raises
So that mother tolerates it
Yet, I a divine being
Wants the fruit to ripe overnight
I need to learn the patience
I need to water my dreams a little longer
Then the seed will sprout,
I will watch it, till it becomes full grown tree
Birds will make it their home
And, I will enjoy their melodious song
Someday, the tree will bless me
Then my intensity will be equal to the sun

When The Mind Is At Rest

In the decades of running
The race of life
Or chasing the time
As it may sound correct
The asset or the debt
As it is borrowed,
To be returned
The body as the interest
Yet it is profound
Or, it is insanity to be correct
We live, as we will live forever
We collect, as we will need for eons
Yet, we often cry
Hiding behind the darker shades
And, today I met a happy man
Blissful in the loin cloth
Almost naked, inside and out
Or, transparent to be correct
Then I searched for the secret
That would be the freeing truth
Finally little spark gets ignited
So, I got a glimpse of view
Mind is always in chaos,
When it is at race
Happiness only prevails,
When the mind is at rest.


I am overcharged
Over enthused
Perhaps intoxicated
With life, err
Or, the caffeine boost
Confused, anxious
As I have mixed
And formulated the cocktail
Of the prescription,
To be tried once at a time
Impatient mind,
Thought the result will be quick
Yes, the result was quick
Old symptoms has gone,
New one has conquered now

Image: Unsplash

Call from home

He is anxious many a time
Often confused with hyperactive disorder
Boredom kills his mind to the last minute
That he often wants to forget
With the memory from future
Future, where he is all alone
Alone in the distant mountain home
Which he has made with his imagination
Whose figments are now fading
Like the fog in the summer nights
Which he is preserving with some exotic balm
With his dearest life, which too is to fade
Yet, he lives alone in the city room
Roaches and flies his only pal
Whose presence he never minds
As they don’t bother him much
Unlike the cacophonous city noise
Which often infuriates his cool old mind
The noise he doesn’t bother much
Except the days where he daydreams
Blue sky, majestic wild and carefree life
And the call from mountain home.

Last show

Surrounded with the negative
Because it spreads and sells so fast
It’s easier to play victim
Than to stand and fight
It’s easier to fell into the grasp of depression
Than to be motivated amid the crisis
But, my friend protect yourself
Since you are your own savior
Fear not my friend
Nothing lasts forever
This drama you hate will be over soon
And, you will get to play your favorite role
So, keep up the smile and energy full on four
Be ready, as if this is your last and favorite show

Image credit: fab-lentz/unsplash


Worries are much bigger
Bigger than the shots of bourbon
Not to be forgotten with the drunken mind
Yet, I drink till my full
Hoping, one day the worries will be melted down
And, the trifling mind will dissolve on its own


I was filled with euphoric bliss
I was finally a creator
Only to realize a cruel truth
Sand dunes are for the moment
Yet it shows me the truth
Truth of fragile life
To cherish this moment
To flow with this current
Who knows when waves will come
And, goes with the sand we had borrowed

Image credit:he zhu/unsplash


Unguided, unintentionally
Sucked by the vortex
A momentary bliss
In the abyss
The existential plane
Often gets merged
Time is voided
Like the oil amidst the water

#Random thoughts

It's strange, that i use to think being free with time, doing nothing at all and just daydreaming was fun. Until, i find out later that being purposefully busy and doing things that matters is more fun. Nowadays i am trying to do the things that i was postponing showing various excuses. Let's see where the time and tide will take me.

A chilly shiver went through the body
An accidental tide drowning it
Washing away the callous of past
Renewing with the refreshing present
An accident was inevitable, a necessary evil
As the gentle wave just drift him to sleep

Carve the trail

This life is short
Live as you like
Or you will end up
End up with your nightmares
Imaginary ghosts of your past
Living in the plane of darkness
Wheel of life is spinning
Moment by moment it’s slipping
Once gone out of your hand
Never will it return
An hour nor a single second
What is to fear
Where everybody loses
Loses by the death
What keeps you waiting
When nobody waits for you
This is the beauty
This is the ugliness
Now wake up and perceive the real
Oh atman please carve your own trail

Chasing the rising Sun

Image credit:Rk Karkey/Unsplash

Rambling by the mountain side
Adorned with cladded snow white
In the womb of it was beautiful sun
Yawning on her fiery bed
Such a beauty I cherished nothing more
My presence brought the blush on her face
Hues of pink and crimson red
Piercing through the vast lilac blue sky

Living the moment

Recoiling and back to foolishness
I am not an animal
That bites its own tail
The memory of past that haunts it
In past days where its tail has betrayed
Working in favor of enemy
I am looking forward
Storm may wait
Sunshine may wait
I live in this moment, far from fear and regret.

May your soul rest in peace

Come o coward, come forward
Snatch my flesh and drink my blood
When you are smeared with my blood
Your soul may rest in peace

When you are devoured by lust
My cry go numb in your ears
When the death bell rings for me
Your soul may rest in peace

Pity for your cunning mind
A filth of societal feed
Blessing so they called when ye were born
Thrashing a devilish look at feminine form

When I soar above
Above and far from the clutches
Away from your filthy grasp
I pray for you, may your soul rest in peace.


Searching for the dreams in dawn
That were lost on last twilight
Hoping to be found somewhere
Confused and alone around the corner

Engulfed by the sea of sorrow
Yet the smile gets out of nowhere
Hoping someday two shores will meet
Someday when tears will be distilled


Image credit: Daniel jensen/Unsplash

Unscathed and silent, the surface
Hidden lies scars, deep beneath
Smile often hides the tale
Story of bleeding wound
When the death bell rings
Like a echoing tinnitus
Wish is, nothing remain more to explore
Tired from the long travel
Weary with tears and sweat
To be renewed with birth
I will bade you goodbye kiss
Promise to return someday

Day that will shine with golden light

Wail of night

Image credit:Unsplash

Somewhere in the deeper gorge of mountain
I heard the heart wrenching wail
A mad man perhaps was singing the song
Yet the ragged voice sounds like wail
A song about how he was happy
Unlike the people in the town
Curiosity got me nearer to the source
Moment later, raggedness has turned to huskiness
Perhaps the irritation has cleared the throat
Or some bitter herbs of the mountain
The song was marvelous
But the singer song like a crow
Perhaps he don’t care
Mountain doesn’t mind the notes and scale
The man was singing about the fairies
How they met him at night
They tell him of the dark creatures
Monsters of the lonely night
He was singing about the warrior
How he was once a glorious knight
Now, I was fed up of his nonsense
I moved on to see the full moon bright.

Quest cont.

Quest seems simple
Running through the coursing veins
Yet far from the grasp
Only a mirage of presence
Far from even the wisest wise
Farther than the whole universe
Yet I travel through many lives
For the quest to find the creator of my life


Wandered through the barren lands
Through the warm Gobi desert
Travelled through many lives
For one quest, quest of finding self


Life comes, life goes
Like the roll of camera
One screen replaces other
Twilight goes to be replaced by dawn

Life is beautiful
As every moment is new
The screen moves on and on
Cherish each moment before they are gone


Photo by Jens Johnsson on Pexels.com

Mother is waiting for her cub at home
Cub that has gone afar, perhaps never to return
No solace will bring peace to her wailing heart
Just return home oh child, before the darkness creeps on


Image: Unsplash

Just as the dewdrops in the full moon night
Seems like the beads of pearl shining so bright
Know the colors of the worldly desires as such
And leave the arrogance of self from the heart

Freedom or Bondage?

Image credit:Christopher sardeg/Unsplash

Freedom of speech
Freedom of action
Freedom from slavery
Showing futile bravery
Yet bonded and enslaved
From one’s chain of thoughts


You are nowhere to be seen
Yet I found you in my prayers
When nobody was there to hold me up
Silently I listen to your calls

Your divine love is surreal
I can’t deny it anymore
You smile and shine through everyone
Even the devil doesn’t look bad

I cried for many days for you
Until you listen to my call
This is the stand I take and wouldn’t fail
Stubborn and childish you may call

Brush time

When the mind is filled with filth
Filth of worry, anger, fear and hatred
Brush it out with meditation, prayer and love
Then the truth will be revealed which was always there

Photo by Yan on Pexels.com

Good Morning

When the worries and agony has settled down
The tiredness is long lone by goodnight rest
Fiery ball kisses cheeks like the velvety blanket
It is beautiful morning, rise up lazy head