Childhood Nostalgia

Image Credit: Lubomirkin/Unsplash

Gone those days,
Gone those nights,
Gone those innocence,
Gone those fairy tales.

We used to be naked,
Inside and out,
Yet there was no shame,
Instead there was sparkling gleams.

Smile so dear,
Stone might melt,
Beauty and mystery everywhere,
Kindness so deeply felt.

Now we are fully clothed,
Inside and out,
Yet we are full of shame,
Pity our soul, we are far from redeem.


Image credit: Damien dufour/Unsplash

Feelings in my heart
Seeping through the vein
Hunger arising, deep for the unison
Is it love, or sweet intoxication

Strange smell is on the air
Stirring up my passion
Tell me, oh wind lord
Who is in the possession

My mind is on chaos
Tell me oh heart breaker, here i plead
Oh holy pilgrim, lead me the way
The way, that leads to my beloved.


I am a dead man asleep,
Don’t try to wake me creep,
I am happy with my moiety,
Stone deaf to the society.

You show me gold,
Shameless you are, and you call it bold,
Hear you dumb sucker,
Dead are the last one, you can sold.

You have sold your mother,
You have sold your God,
You have nothing left oh burglar,
You can’t back skunk , you are now damned.

Where i belong

Oh lord of heaven,
Oh demon of hell,
I don’t belong here,
Please spare my soul.

Far above the heaven,
Farther from the hell,
There lies the kingdom,
From where i prevail.

No place for greed,
Nor the ego of creed,
Nothing is there to gain,
Nor lies there pain.

Far above the mountain,
Farther from the terrain,
There lies the kingdom,
Where i remain.


Image credit: mi pham/unsplash
Forgive me oh mother, oh divine seer
Sorry for being a pesky toddler
Such a pity for me, i have never felt
I was in deep slumber, long i have now wept

But, does my tears will wash away the pain
Yet i am here, begging for your forgiveness in vain
Forgive me oh dear mother, the blessed divine
Forgive me, for i didn't know the light that illumines

Now i have understood, oh pure one
Hail mother, you are truly divine
I know you always forgive my wrongs
With sheer joy of child, you take me where i belong

P.S. To all the mothers, a true divine one, landed on earth here for her child. Giving child birth is the most risky to her life, yet she smiles through the pain and never seems to complain about her child. Her child is the most precious thing for her in this world. Oh dear child, oh mischievous one take care of her, till she is with you, cherish the moments with her. A selfless unconditional lover, salute to my mother and the divine one.

Divine Intervention

Image credit: Birmingham-museums-trust/unsplash

It’s a dialogue between God and human. The complaints of a devotee and answer by the merciful divine( some may not acknowledge this).

Devotee:I prayed for thee days and night

Yet, thou didn’t answer my quest

Divine: Although, ye fell on knees for day and night

Does ye loved me, like ye loved your sweetheart

Whenever ye shall love me, like thy other half

I will come to ye, like cow for her calf

Devotee:Oh lord, would thou have mercy on us

Or, thou will curse us for our plight

Divine: Listen oh my dear child, so ye are mine

No mother will curse her dear one

It is not i whom thou shall fear, it’s ye’s deed

It’s ye who rejoice when ye’s brothers and sisters bleed


Words are strangled here

Silent voices, muted mind

Is death consequence

P.S. Help those who are in depression, it can happen to anyone. Talk to them with empathy. Usually, it is the good souls who are in danger. It comes silently, grab you up and you are gone, never to come again. You may think, you have escaped by the death, but who knows you may have to come again to learn the lesson and you have to begin from the start. Be a badass, nobody has authority over unless you gave them chance and play the victim. I would suggest everybody to read “Many lives many masters” by “Dr. Brian weiss”. Hope it helps.

Our motivational motto:

I am a born rebel by heart
Merciless for your corrupted soul
Crushing and bewildering my pounce
Beware here comes the king of the jungle

Enchanted Window

Standing by the window's side
I watch people arrive and passing by
Inherently lifeless and dull, but few gripping spirited
I try to follow them, with my gaze, as far as i could

Limited and frustrated, i couldn't follow them as i wish
If only i could tweak and stretch, the canvas of my vision
I could watch those thick head, day and night
Follow their stroll, dawn till twilight

Now i am intoxicated, to stay by the window's side
Perhaps i entertain in them, to forget the self
Sedated, hallucinated here i sit by my window's side
I watch people arrive and to be gone by the misty tide


If life was like mathematics
I could multiply my happiness thousand times
If i could divide my sorrow
There would be nothing to worry for tomorrow

If life was so sweet and simple
If store was full of bread to nibble
I could sip some good old wine
I could dine at five and sleep like a blissful swine

Petty thought

Today i see the spider, what a petty creature i thought
Crawling by my side, fearless or aloof of what was ticking on its heart
Not knowing if i will shower my love
Or, just a death blow that might kill him

Then i thought, my life resembles with that spider
Racing for food, regeneration and many more
Running through the daily chores, not knowing if i will get a smile
Or, just a blow to be collected by the river side

I am that spider, crawling to save my life
Thinking about feeding children and how to face my wife
Now, i feel so petty myself, strange it is i thought
I sip down some whiskey to forget my petty thought

P.S. Spider is alive hahah

Life a Journey

Everyday i think, how i am gonna end
Will i be a majestic lion or a petty coward
When death strikes me, will there be a smile
Oh dear, this feelings has caught me in a while
                   Someday i fear, will i ever fulfill my dream
                   The mystic sunbath, the innocence of child scream
                   Some wisdom has struck me with my silver hair
                   You can bear misery alone, or happily you can share

For, there is no meaning in life they say
Choice is yours, you make of it heaven or hell
For, life is an adventurous journey they say
Sometimes you witness glory, sometimes you may fall

Hello friends, please give me your genuine suggestion, so i may improve further and further. Thank you for your likes, it really inspires me to create more!

Equilibrium in chaos

You have created world of fear
You have created your own world
Where money and power rules 
Innocence and diligence dies
                        You want to be Midas, everything must be shining and bold
        Don't you know the tragedy, you can't dine on gold
Isn't the earth made equal and free for all    
                                      Where beggar and king, mice and lion all die for real                     


Wake up, rise up, rise up from your dream
Now is the time to shake up from the sleep
Desire and greed has clutched your soul
Lust and anger has blinded your eyes
Rise up and behold the beauty of now
The darkness will be gone,hallucination will be none
The eternal sunshine will enlighten your soul
The love will be kindled misery will be gone


How many of you have remembered that life has become full of recurring events happening simultaneously one after the another. There is nothing new in it, I am in real focusing on mental events, but incidentally the physical events might be recurring for  someone just like our mothers. From morning to the evening her chores resembles the same pathway. We usually are the victims of this circle and writer is no exception otherwise I would not have written this to be fair. The things that used to excite me five years ago are the same,  and  same for the anger, same for positive and negative influences. They all are the same except for my physical surroundings which maybe cannot be changed or brought back like the time machines in Hollywood movies. But, the perception is the same.

 In starting of new events for few days it’s interesting or difficult or adventurous but after five days, seven days things happen as automaton. You even don’t know that thing was new to you some days ago. It’s a great deal of difficulty to break this circle of recurring events. It needs constant  attention in present condition. We may fail several times but we have to constantly try till we succeed in living in present condition. Otherwise we make hell out of heaven ourselves trapped in recurring events, same boring and disgusting life smelly stale life nothing for freshening and refreshing.