You were destined to rule
Born out of universe
Elements selectively chosen
From the selected asteroids
Yet, you dare to challenge the Lord
Your laments of being weaker
How on earth are you not perfect
You are single copy available
Not possible of duplication
You will sound like the work of fiction
Embrace your uniqueness
And you will be free
From the deep agony
Daunted by the confusion
It has been a long sleep
Wake up from your dream.


6 thoughts on “Astral

  1. Very beautifully written, except that “not destined to rule”. Howsoever motivating it sounds, the truth is to “co-exist”, so it should be “destined to stand out” in the first line because ruling creates a conflict among all those who adopts this poem by heart whereas standing out is more appropriate.

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    1. Thank you very much.🙏 We should rule like king, for our own kingdom I.e, our life. It’s impossible to rule others. since that would just be in our imagination and forcing would çreate friction which will make us miserable.👍

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