Corona virus; is every thing alright?

Corona Virus, an invisible ghost has been haunting us since two years and don’t know when it will stop. During the first outbreak, it created a lot of panic, lots of people lost their life combating it. Then the hope came in the form of vaccine, but the variants of this virus and the story of rate of mutation tells us that, it will not go away as easily as the pundits predicted. What is the missing story? Only the God knows. Have we got overly involved clinically than it was really needed. The hit and trials of antiviral drugs and antibiotics has forced the mutation rate to increase, without of much help. In some cases the drugs have done wonderful job and have saved many lives in desperate times.

Apart from the emergency cases, has the treatment plan really worked out well? We are not satisfied from the job of recent researches and medical interventions, as it seems failing in case of this notorious virus. We need to think from new angle, new perspective. We need to consider the changes in our lifestyles, dietary habits and need to develop faith in our own innate healing capabilities, our own antibodies to do the job. We need to assess the healthy host who harbor this virus without getting sick. We need to find out the mechanism that really helps in healing them without a single dosage of artificial medicines. This may be the right approach. We need to sort it out, everybody is unique in their healing abilities, but with right approach we may find the common ground to beat this virus.

P.S. It is just my humble opinion.


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